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First of all, this is a reply for the thread that SOMEBODY closed down, when a fight was not starting.
Ricky, didn't you see my message?  If you took out all the periods, it said "Shut up LOL.".  I wasn't being mean to you, I was just messing around.  But of course, perception in reality takes over and you start screaming at me saying that I'm controlling your life and all that crap.  No I wasn't.  I was joking around.  No need to scream at me and tell me seriously to shut up.
I understand you took it the wrong way and I forgive but I just wanted to let you know this.
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Rollback and Chat Mods NEEDED!

If you would like to be one of these write the following:
How long have you edited the wikia?:
Why should you be chosen to be one?:
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New Update

Soon on this wikia, anonymous people will no longer be able to edit. I am doing this so I can protect the wikia from vandalism.
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